Environmental intelligence for people and the planet

A Passion for Problem Solving.

Aclima aims to enable a more environmentally intelligent society by introducing a new class of tools powered by technology and grounded in science.

Aclima’s platform transforms how the enterprise, communities, and cities access and integrate hyper-local environmental data and insights across a range of applications. We work with the next generation of CEOs, city leaders, and consumers to harness this new and powerful environmental intelligence to raise awareness, manage climate-related risk, and make smarter decisions in service of human and planetary health.

A recognized market leader, Aclima pursues its vision with a focus on advancing the state of sensing technology, data quality and analysis, and scalability. This approach unlocks a new layer of awareness and insight – all in the service of providing a high-resolution picture of the invisible world around us.

We ask big questions. Together.


Aclima’s technology starts with scientific innovation. Our scientists are on the front lines of discovering new tools to advance our sensing methods and bring decades of R&D into large-scale application. The result has been breakthroughs to increase the availability of hyperlocal pollutions and emissions data and insights.


We believe in the power of cooperation. Years in development with commercial partners like Google and leading institutions like the U.S. EPA, UC Berkeley, and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Aclima’s core innovation extracts high-quality data and insights from small-scale sensors deployed at unprecedented scale.