Environmental intelligence for people and the planet

A Passion for Problem Solving.

Our world-class team of scientists, engineers, thought leaders, and communicators are committed to tackling the world’s most pressing social and environmental challenges with game-changing technology.

We envision a world of Aclima networks streaming billions of environmental data points from city bus fleets, cars, outdoor stations, and building interiors — all in the service of providing a high resolution picture of the invisible world around us. We see a new generation of professionals prepared to understand and act on this information to create better places for people and the planet.

Aclima pursues this vision with a relentless focus on advanced sensing technology, data quality, scalability, and market leadership. This focus drives us to advance leading-edge sensing technology, and analytics to interpret high-quality data at ever lower costs. Aclima makes these breakthroughs accessible and actionable by working with market leaders to raise awareness, set new standards, and engage society in a new cooperative social movement in service of planetary resiliency.

We ask big questions. Together.


Aclima’s technology starts with scientific innovation. Our scientists are on the front lines of discovering new tools to advance our sensing methods and bring decades of R&D into large-scale application. The result has been breakthroughs to decrease the cost and increase the scalability of distributed sensor networks.


We believe in the power of cooperation. Aclima partners with world-class institutions including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, University of California, Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, and the University of Arizona to deliver scientific and technological advancements serving humanity.