Environmental intelligence for people and the planet

Sensing with a purpose.

Aclima’s platform combines leading-edge sensor technology, cloud computing, and machine learning to make sense of the invisible world around us. This provides transformative opportunities to understand and improve buildings, cities, and industry, at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.


Buildings — homes, workplaces, schools, and more — should be designed to support our wellbeing and protect us from harmful pollution. Aclima delivers building owners, occupants, and managers real-time data about environmental factors shaping our health, comfort, and productivity within buildings and across global portfolios. Learn how sensing in and around buildings supports the next generation of high performance buildings.


Cities should promote and protect both human health and the natural environment. Where and how we build schools, manage traffic, and design our communities all affect planetary and personal health. Aclima’s platform helps elected officials, planners, citizens, and other stakeholders create resilient cities of the future. Learn more about applications of hyper-local environmental data to plan and manage urban areas.


Industry is an integral aspect of a productive, healthy economy. Minimizing waste is essential to any competitive business.  Whether it’s understanding indoor facilities, or tracking fugitive emissions, Aclima delivers live results across industrial infrastructure. Aclima helps owners, operators, and stakeholders maximize operational efficiency and minimize environmental footprints. Learn more about new technology to monitor leaks from natural gas distribution systems.

Intelligence is in the Air.

Environmental intelligence represents a new paradigm of measurement that transforms decision-making. Aclima reshapes opaque, static assets into transparent, dynamic systems.

The Aclima platform is also scalable and extensible. Its plug-and-play architecture allows for rapid, customized deployments of high-quality, low-cost sensors that measure temperature, light, humidity, atmospheric pressure, noise, TVOC, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, nitrogen monoxide, ozone, methane/ethane, black carbon, ultrafine particles, PM 2.5, PM 10, and sulfur dioxide. The platform’s modular design means that we are always ready to integrate the latest advances in sensor and communication technology.