Environmental intelligence for people and the planet

Human health is planetary health.

Human health and planetary health share a common trajectory. It’s why we’re on an ambitious mission to usher in an era of environmental intelligence. We deliver hyperlocal emissions and pollution data and actionable insights through real-time, large-scale sensor networks to create a more resilient, healthy, and thriving world.


We all want to live and work in places that are healthy and thriving. Yet, 90 percent of the world’s population is affected by air pollution which impacts the livelihood and well-being of our cities and communities. Aclima’s platform powers insights to create better places for people.


We all want a healthy planet to support current and future generations. Addressing our most critical environmental challenges requires ingenuity, bold science, and reliable data. Aclima takes the pulse of the planet to translate air pollution and climate change emissions into insights we can use.

A sense of the opportunity.

Measurement is the foundation for management. With it, intelligence evolves. Filling the critical gap around the world for hyperlocal emissions and pollution data unlocks a new level of understanding about our environment. Fused with new technologies, data sets, and science, we deliver environmental intelligence to drive solutions for the enterprise, communities and cities. Aclima provides a new class of tools to harmonize human activity with earth’s systems.