Environmental intelligence for people and the planet


Aclima’s mission is to build a more environmentally intelligent society.

Emissions that pollute the air we breathe are also changing our climate, impacting human health, and creating multibillion-dollar financial risk across the economy.

To support bold action to reduce emissions, Aclima delivers environmental intelligence at unprecedented block-by-block resolution, locally and globally.

Our products and services provide government, industry, and communities transformative visibility into air pollution and climate emissions that accelerates action to protect public and planetary health.

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Aclima deploys and manages region-wide sensor networks, integrating its mobile and stationary sensors to deliver air pollution and greenhouse gas data at unparalleled scale, resolution, quality and reliability.

Pioneering a new class of environmental sensing

Traditional approaches to measurement are expensive, produce low spatial resolution data, and are spread sparsely across geographies. Aclima has pioneered an entirely new way to measure block-by-block air quality across multiple pollutants and greenhouse gases, with over 100,000 times greater spatial resolution than traditional approaches.

At previously impossible scales

Aclima has developed a novel approach to air quality measurement and analysis, that measures emissions at the scale of an entire city at unmatched speed. With its end-to-end platform, Aclima uses fleets of vehicles as a roving sensor network, feeding high quality data into refreshing baseline maps, with multiple passes on every single city street.

Block-by-block resolution, backed by rigorous science

Aclima’s integrated hardware, software and data science platform is backed by years of R&D and validation, merging the latest technological advancements with rigorous science. The platform delivers hyperlocal measurement of a wide variety of environmental parameters, including air pollutants and climate changing emissions such as PM 2.5, black carbon, methane, ethane, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and nitric oxide.

Optimized for quality and value

Integrating data from Aclima’s network, stationary sensors, government and other third party sources, the platform generates rich insights for informed diagnosis and action. Our hyperlocal measurements add ground-truth to integrated data sets. This dynamic data feeds into Aclima’s cloud-based software, designed to support the needs of professional customers and members of the public.


Aclima networks stream millions of data points per day to our cloud-based software tools, providing a clear and accurate picture of the air around us. This gives users the critical information they need to diagnose and reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions. Aclima’s suite of software products translate complex data and science into powerful tools to drive action.

  • Aclima Pro

    Our products accelerate climate action

    Aclima Pro is cloud-based software designed for regulators, governments, and industry. Subscribers have access to continually refreshing, hyperlocal air quality mapping data, data products, visualization and analytics tools, as well as integration with third party data.

  • Aclima for Communities

    And keep the public engaged

    Aclima Insights is a free tool for communities that makes air quality and climate science accessible. People can interact with and learn from hyperlocal air quality information, get engaged and take action to protect each other and the environment.

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